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OMG!!! Why Nigerian female teacher sleeps with young boys.

Experts have revealed the reasons behind why female teachers target young boys for sex and believe it may be partly driven by loneliness, a lack of intimacy and the over-sexualisation of youth. It comes after  a 27-year-old high school mathematics teacher, Jennifer Danielle Olajire-Aro who is married to a Nigerian surgeon, was arrested in South Carolina, Florida after she had sex with her 17-year-old student.
It was reported that the student came forward to say Olajire-Aro had sex with him several times. According to an affidavit signed by the police, Olajire-Aro who lives and works in South Carolina engaged in ‘an intimate and sexual relationship with her 17-year-old male student’ on three occasions between November and December 2017, at her residence and other locations in Charleston.
According to figures obtained under Freedom of Information, more than 100 women were convicted of sexual offences  in 2015, a trend that’s almost trebled in the past decade. In a piece written by Andrea Darling from the criminology department at Durham University in England and published by The Conversation, these examples of sex offenders often don’t fit the “mould of what many consider a predatory paedophile”.

Unlike other sex offenders, they do not specifically enter their professions to access children. Instead my research has found that many (though not all) of these women appear to abuse because of their own unmet intimacy needs resulting from relationship problems and feelings of loneliness, for example. These women are also different from other female sex offenders in that they are generally older, more affluent, have better social skills and less issues with substance abuse.
"Their behaviour is also to some extent influenced by the very situations they are working in. Its roots are based on the ‘power’ that the female teacher has, a position of dominance and control. Perhaps the teacher is experiencing personal loneliness, dissatisfaction with her current relationship, feels the need for revenge, is experiencing lust or perhaps believes it is ‘true love’. In many cases, there is a history of sexual and or psychological abuse toward the perpetrator.

“Many psychiatric pathologies can lead to this type of behaviour including mood disorders, personality disorders and prior sexual trauma.” Sexologist, relationship expert and author, Dr Nikki Goldstein also noted that the reasoning behind more of these abuse scenarios being reported on, comes down to a number of factors.
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