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LYRICS :- Tori Powerz - "I HATE MEM"

Days ago Tori powerz dropped "I HATE MEN " stating literally why she hates men!!!

Check out lyrics to "I HATE MEN" below!!!

Mama came talking to me
Bitch don't get in wit him
Buh I bust a home string 
Unafliauated by all of it 
Whts gud men 
I thought devotion was ur irony 
Plugged my heart
U unplugged it bro 
Never cared wha I feel
Wht about our sensation?  where ur promise go men
Its a question 
Came wit a questionmark
U can't find an ans to fit 
We where the perfect fit
Ur only perfect fit
Was to unplug my heart
Middle of the road wit no safty sign where u left me yoo
U gatter go 
Wha about me ? 
Nigga ur selfish
Unfortunately my plug 
Became unplug the moment u left me 
Am not dramatised this is not a movie buh real life
U where the best yoo
Wait its a verbial irony
This suit ur size
Huhu I jump salty
Am distress
Can u take me to a mental home where they can replug wht u did unplug its 12 o clock since I left u haven't called or text
My pone ain't beepin but the heart beat painful noise big beep ehn

U say ur eyes tells me that u love me everyday
No matter what may com 
I'll be they to stay ... 
Wht u say to me
Mad as hell
Trying to conceal my temper
Figthin to contain my actions
Blood red... 
Thoughts are running wild 
Spinning out of control
So hard
The untold truth is chokin 
Feelings are darkening 
Furious beyond words
Who are u stranger 
A web of lies 
Strangling my heart 
Tears tasting bitter 
But the fault is my own
For trustin so easily 
Get a grip let it go bab
Hoping the hate will concore my heart eventually 
If the truth is the why
And the why is discovered

Feelin blue
Jaded bitter
Lost in the darkness of my mind
Twisted in the wind
Garpin air wish I never cared
I was just a would Hav been 
Should hav been
Could hav been
Never was 
And never ever will be
I told God I was angry
I told God I was hurt

I thought he'll d be surprised 
I thought he kept hospitality
Quite cleverly disguised 

It was 1:36am midnite feb 1
Nigga texted am fade 
I gatter go i'll let u go
The nigga never apologised 
So I deleted every fuckin thin 
I  told the lord I hate him 
His treated me lik dart ..  
But am the one who's surprised wht 
If had known all along 
And he said.... 
[God speaking ]
U finally realise 
That man ain't worth it
So hold urslf
Tak ur breakfast 
Go to work 
Show them ur emojis not emotions 
Bury the pain defeat the anger face to face 
Tell it they is already to much slam on the door 
No room for hate ]
Locked in my room 
Fighting wit my heart its screaming 
[Voice ] I don't hate men 
I don't hate men
Stop fighting 
I don't hate men

Tears dripping down my cheeks 
My heart became a parasite 
Who continuous to try to feed upon me
{I hate men it says 
I hate men
I hate men ... Leave me alone
 I hate men .... 

I woke up feb 14 valentines day 
I gat a lot of present 
Men giv ehm to me 
I should be happy ? 
I ask myslf
But my heart is already frozen to hav that joy .... 

[Voices screaming]
I don't hate men.... 
Leave me alone I don't hate men.... I don't hate men .. 
Tell my mind I don't hate men.... I don't hate men

I aint nothing for something 
No I ain't something for nothing
Gat a lot in my feelings
Cause I ain't something for nothing naaa
I ain't something for nothing
Gat a lot In my feelings yea... 
I ain't nothing for sometin
No I ain't sometin for nothing  
I cant have hate in my feelings yea... 
I can't hav hate in my feelings yea... 
I can't hav hate in my feelings yea...

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